Zankteegee is a Plankteegee Zeature.

He joins Plankteegee's Army to destroy Zeegee and Zidbob Zentapants. One time, Zeegee brang another stone to Squidbob's desk, it got mutated but Plankteegee fell in it and it mixed half of his blood in it and then the desk exploded and and both Zankteegee and Plankteegee explode out of it and they both form. Zankteegee then starts raiding around Squidbob's home and then it was destroyed and Squidbob called his army for revenge. They soon came in and then a 100 ton fell from the sky and crushed Zankteegee and all thats left of him is shards of stone. People believe that experimenting it can bring Zankteegee back to life. It never worked so. The Squidbob Reviving Force is currently planning to revive him into Zponkteegee. However this is not confirmed because Sponkteegee isn't made yet.

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