Zalleo IV was the upgrade to Zalleo III. Zalleo IV is only friends with Plankteegee's Army and hates everyone else. His worst enemies are Zalleo 2.0, Zalleo 2.9 and Zeegee. He is currently deceased because Plankteegee accidentally spillled a potion on him and it was insane beninall causing him to go out of control and he went crazy and killed Grankteegee and several other people due to crazyness. He then killed an old lady, then he killed a cardboard Squidbob and later confronted Squidbob and SwedKawerd and they screamed like girls since they thought it was the real Zalleo and they thought they gave him a heart attack and then ran away. He then killed himself by aiming a death ray to Plankteegee because he was insane but it was aimed too close to his head so he killed himself. He did not get revived, instead Plankteegee rebuilt him instead of reviving him.
Zalleo IV

Zalleo IV

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