Zalleo III was the fake Zalleo II revivement. He was eventually terminated by Grankteegee who Plankteegee invited to break him and they both revealed his insides were robotic. Plankteegee thought Zeegee fooled him with a robotic Zalleo. After Plankteegee went out to kill Zeegee, the real Zalleo II stepped on him and hid behind a bush. And then since Plankteegee was so surprised thinking his plans was going to fail due to robotic Zalleo II's death he built a robotic Zalleo III. At the end of the episode the real Zalleo II was hiding behind a bush and was laughing because he fooled SwedKawerd and Squidbob.
Zoop Gloop

Zalleo III

 One time Plankteegee and Zalleo III found the real Zalleo II and he thought it was another fake copy that Zeegee made so Zalleo II explains to Plankteegee his whole story. Plankteegee agrees and then Zalleo II and Plankteegee are reunited. One day Zeegee found Zalleo III and had a WTF face because the last time he saw Zalleo he was in his insane form and he looked more insane though Zeegee didn't know that it was not the real Zalleo and Zalleo III easily killed Zeegee and then the news said that Zeegee gets killed by Zalleo ??? and after Zidbob Zentapants finds out he finds Zeegee and Reviveegee revives Zeegee. Zalleo III is non-existent today because he was upgraded to Zalleo IV. Later, Splitankteegee

split Zalleo IV and Zalleo III. Now Zalleo III exists again and as strong as Zalleo IV.

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