Zalleo II is Zalleo after being brought back to life by Plankteegee. They fixed his hat, teared off his dead skin, teared off his eyes, fixed his glove and ripped off the mind control button on his overalls. Note that even though he is fixed he is still insane and is still forces with the Plankteegee Army. He has an eye patch because his eye exploded when the ZeegeePhones exploded. After SwedKawerd and Squidbob Tentapants found out his weakness is partner dancing, he saw Zalleo II on the street and SwedKawerd and Squidbob danced with each other and it gave Zalleo II a heart attack and died and his dead body was found in Squidbob's Poison Lake. Scientists predict that Zalleo II is dead but Plankteegee revived him again.
Zalleo II

Zalleo II

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