Zalleo 2.0

Whatever but this is Zalleo

Zalleo 2.9

Zalleo 2.0 is part of the Krusty Krab Army. He was made after Squidbob found out that a Zalleo IV was existing and he did not look like Zalleo IV he looked like Zalleo III but Squidbob thought the plan would still work. He tried to destroy Zalleo IV but was knocked out easily and destroyed. Squidbob later found this out and had an okay internet meme face meaning he was sad to see it get destroyed. Then at Squidbob's surprise party, Squidbob got a gift and it was Zalleo 2.9, the upgraded Zalleo 2.0 and it was built bySwedKawerd. Zalleo 2.0 is now alive again after being split by Splitbob Splittapants.

Zalleo 2.9Edit

Zalleo 2.9 was the upgraded Zalleo 2.0 and looked like Zalleo IV a lot, proving he was stronger than previous Zalleo 2.0 and is currently inside Plankteegee's Lab destroying his inventions and is also currently fighting the guards. Scientists predict that in the future he will destroy Plankteegee's Lab.

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