Zalleo before being eliminated

 He is a Malleo Zeature. His brother is Zeegee. He later betrayed his brother and eventually turned the Zalleo Army evil and later his army joined forces with the Plankteegee Army. He has two rivals:Wazalleo and Wazeegee. His rivals are not on the Krusty Krab Army or Plankteegee Army. Eventually he betrayed Zeegee when he got eliminated in the Zeegee Series episode The Death Trap and in the next episode at the end of the episode he broke a hole in his box and gone insane after he gone insane he became evil and attacked Zeegee at the finish line in the finale. He managed to survive the attack and he was insane and he joined forces with the Plankeegee Army. He is currently deceased due to being pushed into the water and the two ZeegeePhones exploding permanently killing him. His body was later found dead in the Goiky Canal and Zidbob Zentapants used parts of his body to make Triple Stone Patties. Later Plankteegee and Un Ded found him in the Goiky Canal and they were arguing who would revive them to join their forces. Eventually Plankteegee won the fight and Zalleo is currently Zalleo II. He is also part of Al Qaeegee.
Insane Zalleo

Current Zalleo

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