ZDALLINOLTMKIIEVENSTRONGERTHANETERNALSTRONGPOOPBECAUSEHEDOESNTSTANDACHANCEAGAINSTMEANYMOREORPLANKTEEGEE, or as the name is too long you can call it ZDALLINOLTMKII, and also known as Zalleo VI, is a super strong being that is even stronger than his old form. He even outsmarted Eternal Destroyer Sennin. When Squidbob Tentapants and Squidrick Tentar saw him, they both screamed like girls and became monkeys until the invention was destroyed. When ZDALLINOLT died, he was able to be recreated by a force and looks super strong. He is the strongest thing in the Squidbob Universe and only Pureegee can destroy this. Pureegee destroyed this when he was done destroying everything and he was headed for the United 'Gees Universe.


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