How Sublime Seafoods hate Spongebob10:00

How Sublime Seafoods hate Spongebob

Sublime Seafoods is a restaurant in Bottoms Up. Now it's a restaurant in the Squidbob Universe.

The reason why it's a restaurant for Squidbobs and Weegees is that they kicked Spongebob out! It is also known as Oceanfastfoods, Sunken Ship Restaurant, Soobliem Seefoohds, The Classy Squidbob Restaurant Style IV, Heinesniss, Sammadamacarmfarmalarma, Classy Chicken, or The Highest First Class.

Favorite GuestsEdit

  • Squidbob and Squandy
  • Squidrick and Ahllee
  • Malleo and Paesh
  • Weegee and Daizeh
  • Fortran and Ulona
  • Ragamiicho and Mariincho
  • Spongamiicho and Spongiincho

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