Squidbob's Poison Lake (formerly the Goiky Canal) is currently a lake in the Squidbob Universe.

Life as the Goiky CanalEdit

The Goiky Canal was first featured in BFDI's episode Take The Plunge:Part 2 and last appeared in the Zeegee Series. It was located where the Crappy Cliff was built. Later many scientists predict that Zalleo was dead due to his dead body being in the Goiky Canal. After Plankteegee and Un Ded were fighting when Un Ded was zooming back he spilled Toxic Lava Super Nuclear Oil and it created it to be poisonous and in its explosion it destroyed the Crappy Cliff.

Current LifeEdit

After the spill later on the day, Squidbob found the poisonous lake and named it Squidbob's Poison Lake. Then Fake Zalleo II's dead body was located there. When he was put out, Squidbob and his neighbours lived in peace because they always thought of Squidbob's Poisonous Lake.

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