SqikWerd was SkwehdWahrd's first son (before SwedKawerd). He was also SwedKawerd's older brother and all he likes was piece and quiet unlike his younger brother who likes to play with his friends. Once, SkwehdWahrd was starting to feel uncomfortable since SqikWerd was rich and he wasn't. So SkwehdWahrd sent him to Krabby War II. He was killed during the war and most people miss him. He was originally married to Aeemeh Dunkann but they divorced and then SqikWerd married Cezit next. They had some kids and they are still alive and so is Cezit. Unlike his brother and parents, he is a sprite from Lights, Camera, Pants. He lived in Sprite Bottom with Spoongeboob and Patrywick. In Remembrance Day (episode from Squidbob Tentapants), Squidbob Tentapants was searching in his Remembrance Dictionary and was looking for Spoongeboob a soldier that was in the book and while flipping through pages there was a photo of SqikWerd in it identicating he is in the book as one of the dead soldiers. He was mentioned by SwedKawerd in the episode, Fairbob Fairpants.

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