NourPower1999 is a Squidbob Clone and a FakeGodly1592.



He does the same thing as NourGodly1592.

His best friend is NourHistory2002 (The Squidrick Tentar FakeGodly1592).


  • The 1999 in his name is referred to the year Spongebob Squarepants first aired
  • Did you know that NourPower1999 was NourGodly1592's spongy form before it got seperated from him?
  • He currently lives in Nour Universe but he works in Krusty 1999 at Squidbob Universe.
  • Toon NourPower1999

    Toon NourPower1999

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  • NourPower1999

    • Thank you Squidbob for making a FakeGodly1592 version of Squidbob. It's really hard to me to make a FakeGodly1592 one of Squidbob :P

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