NourGodly1592 in epic universe

NourGodly1592 is an new fakegee that was trained himself and he sometimes trained with his father, NourLegend2015. He is a demi-god that can fight with Hypneegee. after a hard battle with Hypneegee, hypneegee absorbed nour's powers, but there's a sudden stop because there's explosion behind NourGodly1592, He found a seal that it can revive his own powers in this seal. NourGodly1592 named that seal called (Powerous Seal), then he was wandering around the weegeeverse until he found Alphaweegee, Lrigee, Daieegee & Squidbob. He was new to Weegeeverse. but he is a borned-friendly one. Until then. He has joined his half-dark side after he joined murkekowpedia. but then Weegeepedia community helped NourGodly1592 to release from his dark form. He has 2 brothers, called NourGodly1337 and NourGawdly1592. He has 3 sons, named Mohammed111, NourLegend1592 and NourLegend1337. He adopted a huge NourGodly1592 fusions. making him have his fake version (FakeGodly1592). He later died due to 2951yldoGruoN clones, he revived in Al Qaeegee but then he returned to A.A.Q.W.F again. He revived 2 times. in II version and in cyber removal version. then his stare is devloped. killing 2951yldoGruoN clones and 2951yldoGruoN himself. He later met Ultimatoeegee, a number 1 fan of NourGodly1592. and he met Puralleo, a user which is 2nd fan of NourGodly1592. he started to help nour in a useful way, and NourGodly1592 helped Puralleo too. Then he met Arteegee. Nour found that he was making a picture for NourGodly1592 in future. But it was under-construction. Then he lived in Nour Universe, a universe which fakegee prisoners and fakegodly1592s lives there.

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