MalleoMalleo54321 is the Weegee of MarioMario54321. Being a evil dictator, MalleoMalleo54321 is extremely evil, So whoever he fought with ends up dead. He also creates Shupa Malleo 64 Bloopers. Instead of Fire Flowers he can create Malleo Flowers, which can turn people into a Malleo Flower or a Malleo. He stole Malleo and Weegee's plans to take over the world, making him enemies with Malleo and Weegee. His brother is WeegeeWeegee09876 and his father is FortranFortran54321. He has been stealing powers from Malleos and Weegees. He became a friend of All of Squidbob's enemies and joined Plankteegee's Army, He was killed in prison. He is now BralleoBralleoBBBBB.

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