• L.J.S guy

    Almost at Victory

    July 1, 2014 by L.J.S guy

    WEEGEE COMMUNITY AND WEEGEEPEDIA COMMUNITY WIKI ARE Finally closed!!!!!!Also Greegee Greatures,shupa malleo bros,weegee paints,yoaneegee and soon great merigrock wiki and all of ivans wiki are closed!They were reported and deleted. Ivan's acount was also blocked globally,but Eke still wanders....Even though we aren't truly sucessful defeating Ivan we closed most of his wiki. Ivan is almost defeated and soon our artwork/fakegees/weegees ..ect will never be stolen. WE are almost at Victory.

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  • TheMoarKrabsSquirrel

    okay guys. to sum up, Spongwheeo was made so Squidbob Tentapants could have more family members. the question is: should i add more Squidbob relatives. I have ideas:

    • Spongeac (Squidbob's Biological Grandmother, Spongari's original wife)
    • Spongyageerio (Squidbob and Magidbob's long lost brother, and Spongamiicho and Spongiincho's first son.
    • Sponglona (Spongetran's Wife)

    and others...

    if you agree or disagree, please put your opinion in the comments.

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