The Bee Gees are a band lasting from the 1950's to the 2000's. Most people know their members are Barry, Robin, and Maurice, but their knowledge was said to be wrong when the real Beegee revealed what he was doing. Barry was Beegee, Robin was 4ben, and Maurice was Balleo.

The band was created out of boredom, and Beegee wanted to sing! So he gathered his brother and his cousin to create a new band. It became popular, but soon Weegee was getting tired of Beegee's "slacking off". Beegee had a job to do. So Beegee left the band, faking "Barry's" death. Later, 4ben and Balleo reunited the band, but then 4ben died when he was killed by Bweegee. Balleo said it was not from being shot.

Later, Balleo decided to give up starting a new band, and went home.

This band is later ended and Weegee replaced this band into "WEE-Gees".

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